Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Back again!

Hello there fellow crafters!
 I know I have been missing for a very very long time! Life had soo much to offer in the past year and half. UAE back to Pakistan...was in the process of settling down and then found out im moving again, and now in Oman. Alhumdulillah settled down well. I must confess I didn't stop crafting all this time but yes was just to lazy to use the laptop and blog!
Muscat , Oman is a beautiful place, full of natural beauty! I was lucky enough to find a part time job when I moved here as Art instructor for little children playdates at Space Oman Center. We meet every Saturday and have a lot of fun crafting, painting, story telling and what not. will soon share some pictures of the playdates.
These days im busy preparing things for a crafts fair that I have booked a stall in on the 2nd of May. so really crafting like crazy, yes im being a busssssy bee!
Off for now, but I promise not to disappear again!
Love, Shafaq.